About ABSL Conference

9 editions so far

~1100 guests each year

80+ speakers each year

Annual ABSL Conference is a unique networking platform and, year after year, the most anticipated event of the business service sector in the CEE region.

Ever since 2010 ABSL creates an unusual chance to exchange knowledge and experience among the people who lead the business service sector on the highest level.

Our aim is to create the opportunity for interaction and exchange of ideas among the key people influencing business and politics, and for the discussion on the newest megatrends in the sector and beyond. The ABSL Conference gathers close to 1000 business leaders and beneficiaries, with nearly 100 speakers and lecturers presenting every year.

  • Representatives from Fortune 500 companies
  • Representatives of central and local administration
  • C-level managers, decision makers, and stakeholders of the sector’s leading companies
  • Journalists from leading business titles (national and global)


ABSL Conference bringing in the world class speakers: business & political leaders, widely recognizable analysts, industry experts, influencers

Speakers 174x162 0020 Kwasniewski Aleksander
rice condoleezza large
Speakers 174x162 0010 Johan Karlstrom
Anna Jakubowski
Speakers 174x162 0004 Mateusz Morawiecki
Johnson Jenny
Speakers 174x162 0001 Stelmach Beata
scott newman
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Past Editions

ABSL Summit

ABSL Summit


ABSL Summit

ABSL Summit


ABSL Summit

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9th Annual ABSL Conference

Poland. The place to grow.




8th ABSL Conference

The Old World Disrupted



About ABSL

The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) is a leading international non-for-profit organization that helps build globally competitive, knowledge-based, local economies in Central Europe.

The association is a platform for cooperation in between all global and local stakeholders, actively driving knowledge-sharing, education, innovation, public advocacy, and communication. The aim is to build attractive and sustainable ecosystems that through this positive engagement will create new valuable jobs and responsibly grow investments and business in local communities.

After 10 years of ABSL existence and action, Poland is today a leader in Europe attracting significant FDI from global investors and corporations. Naturally the business service sector in particular has been catapulted to a No1 position in Europe and to a top 5 position globally, with 1/3 Million jobs created.

With over 200 members including investors like Accenture, Bayer, Citi, EY, Goldman Sachs, Google, GSK, HPE, J.P. Morgan, P&G, Roche, Shell, Siemens, Volvo, 3M in Poland - and many more in the Czech Republic, Romania and other countries where it operates - the organization is today the standard-bearer of global investment and positive cooperation in the region.